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Lose Your Dental License

Reasons To Lose Your Dental License in Texas

Once you graduate from dental school and beginning to practice, the last thing you ever want to do is lose your dental license. However, there are cases where dentists are losing their licenses due to making mistakes such as neglect behavior.  If you are a dentist in the state of Texas, and you want to…

No Bond for Man Charged in Harris County DWI Crash

No Bond for Man Charged in Harris County DWI Crash

A man whose actions allegedly caused the death of three people on Wednesday will not be released on bond immediately. Thirty-year-old Gregory Smith is charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle. Authorities say he drove while high and caused a crash and fire that killed three members of a family, including an…

Selling Drugs Online

Is Selling and Buying Drugs Online in Texas a Crime?

The comfort and discretion of online shopping constantly add to the growth of people buying and selling drugs online. The dark web is an underground market that becomes available for everyone who has money and intention to get drugs. It can be accessed with unique IP masking browsers, and yes, actual money is less popular…

Man Kidnaps Woman, Steals Her Car

Man Kidnaps Woman, Steals Her Car

A Texas man is facing two first-degree felony charges after allegedly using a gun in a robbery attempt and then kidnapping a woman and stealing her vehicle. Pressli Antonio Quiroz-Fiallos is accused of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $2 million for both charges. Police say the victim spotted Quiroz-Fiallos walking…