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Eddington and Worley represent those who often go overlooked in the criminal justice system, the accused. A criminal defense lawyer is the only chance that many people have of continuing their lives after they face inaccurate accusations.

Don’t go without a solid defense; get the help you need. Hire our lawyers to help you through this troubling time in life. Anyone charged with a crime has every right to a fair defense. Get an experienced lawyer on your case now.


Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Having a criminal charge on your record can cause plenty of problems in your life. You may be unable to find gainful employment, you may not be able to find housing, or you can lose your right to vote and own a firearm. You need a Texas criminal defense attorney that you can trust with your case. A criminal defense lawyer in Houston will fight for your legal rights. They can fight a firearm charge. They can prevent you from getting a felony on your record, and they will keep you out of jail.

When arrested for a criminal offense, the penalties may be severe. You may serve time or be faced with costly fines to pay. A criminal defense attorney can fight these charges. They can prove your innocence with a strong case that will win in court.

Do not take a chance with a criminal charge that can ruin your life. Let a criminal defense lawyer fight for your rights and take your case. They will get justice for you and prevent you from facing the maximum penalties in your case. A criminal defense attorney knows the laws for criminal cases and can argue your rights while in court. They will win your case and help you to move forward with your life after an arrest for a crime that was not your fault.

Texas DWI Attorneys

Having a DWI arrest on your record in the state of Texas can cause a variety of consequences that you may not have considered. You may lose your job, your right to drive or have to pay hefty fines as a result. When arrested for a DWI, you may feel frustrated, confused or even scared. The complex court system is difficult to navigate, and there is a range of penalties that you may face after your arrest. Having DWI attorneys on your side can help.

When you work with a DWI lawyer, you will have the legal representation you need to fight a DWI charge on your record. Your DWI attorneys can help to reduce the penalties that you may receive from a judge. They can keep you out of jail and reduce the cost of the fines that you may have to pay in your DWI case.

A DWI arrest can disrupt your life and cause you to lose your driving privileges. You can fight a DWI charge with the help of DWI attorney. Let your DWI lawyers fight for your legal rights after a DWI arrest. They can win your case in court and help you to overcome a DWI arrest before it changes your life.

Texas Professional License Defense Attorneys

Losing your license as a professional can come with serious consequences. You may lose your job, your ability to practice, or help patients. No matter if you are a physician, nurse, dentist or even a CPA, losing your professional license can be devastating to your livelihood. Professional license defense attorneys can help you with your case. We will fight for your legal rights as a professional and help you keep your career.

A professional license defense lawyer knows the law and can help to protect your rights a practicing professional. No matter the type of crime that is threatening your license, a professional license defense attorney can help. They will fight for justice in your case and help you to keep your license without having your reputation ruined by a criminal offense that is not your fault.

Let our Texas professional license defense lawyers work for you. We can win your case in court and ensure you do not lose your right to work in the profession you have chosen. Our professional attorneys can advise you of your legal rights. They can help guide you through the legal process of fighting for your license and will help to keep your record clean so you can continue to work with your professional license intact.

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Eddington and Worley can help defendants against criminal offenses such as Assault and Battery. Additional cases handled regularly include DWI, Federal crimes, drug crimes and more.

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