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At Eddington and Worley, we are committed to representing those who often go overlooked in the criminal justice system…the accused. More often than not, a criminal defense lawyer is the only chance many people have of continuing their lives after facing false accusations, or fighting charges fueled by inaccurate statements and hearsay.

We work quickly to protect our clients and begin gathering evidence immediately to begin building an airtight case in their defense. Criminal charges, including assault, battery, larceny, DWI, drug crimes, Federal offenses including Federal Drug Crimes are cases we handle frequently.

Any of these charges, can disrupt your life and cause you to lose privileges such as driving, as well as any professional licenses you may have which would prevent you from practicing your trade or furthering your career.  In some cases, criminal offense can even cause you to lose your freedom.

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Our experience speaks volumes. We fight for your rights, justice, and are dedicated to preserving your reputation, career and most importantly, your livelihood. 

Many disregard those charged with criminal offenses as ones who don’t deserve a good defense because obviously, they are guilty. Innocent before proven guilty simply isn’t as solid as we pretend. Most don’t understand that. 

At Eddington Worley, we do. 

We understand that being charged with a criminal offense is stressful and overwhelming. 

We know how difficult it is for someone to prepare a solid defense on their own, a fair defense, which is something you have every right to and quite frankly are entitled. 

We promise you aggressive and attentive representation.  We believe that no matter what the crime, we can help.

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