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With over 30,000 licensed pharmacists in Texas, there has to be someone there to help them keep their careers. Eddington and Worley can help you protect your job and reputation. Whenever you are facing claims that can impact your license you need legal help from our Houston pharmacist license defense attorneys.

Houston professional license defense attorneys can help you explain your actions and learn about the review process. Often the Board of Pharmacy will deliver swift, harsh punishments. They do not wait to suspend or revoke a license.

At Eddington and Worley you can work with a pharmacist license defense lawyer from the start of the claim. They have experience in handling these cases and have helped many pharmaceutical professionals. There are many options available and they will explore all of them. Seek help right away to defend your license by calling us today.


A Higher Standard

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy expects pharmaceutical professionals to stand as a good example for society. You provide a vital role within your community and the Board expects you to set the standard.

pharmacist sneaks pills into her pocket. pharmaceutical license defense attorneys can defend your license if you are under review for these issues.
Access to narcotics & hours standing can lead to drug issues for pharmacists. If you are facing this, call us for help defending your license.

When it comes to drug or alcohol use, there is no room for error. One of the more frequent issues that medical professionals face is the extreme consequences of a DUI. Any charge or arrest that involves drugs can put your job at risk.

Not only can it put your license at risk, but it can put your reputation at risk as well. Many pharmacists have one bad night and then cannot find a job for years.

If you were arrested or are currently facing charges relating to drugs or alcohol use, hire a lawyer now.

Consider All Claims Seriously

It’s easy enough to let some claims go. Many pharmaceutical professionals will have some claims of unethical or generally poor behavior. So why take this claim seriously? Why now?

You should take every allegation very seriously. When someone makes a claim against you, it puts your entire career at risk. The years you spent in school. The tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and payments for your education mean nothing if you lose your license.

Professionals within the pharmacy side of the business do have some help. Unlike doctors, dentists, and nurses, rudeness and poor customer service do not count as unethical behavior.

The Board of Pharmacy will not hear these claims at all. So if you have a claim against you, it was not because you were rude. It is likely that the claim either has to do with handling drugs, daily practice, or the pharmacy’s operations.

The Board claims to act in the best interest of the general public. Because of that, they often make harsh decisions to make an example of whoever they can. Our Houston pharmacist license defense attorneys will fight to make sure that you do not become the example.

Process of an Allegation

When someone makes a claim against you, the Board of Pharmacy will begin a formal investigation. If the issue seems to have something to stand on, it will go forward to an Informal Settlement Conference.

During this part of the process, you and a panel of people who represent the board will review the case together. This step is unique to the pharmaceutical profession. Often people defending a professional license do not have much chance to participate in the process.

During the Informal Settlement Conference, both you and the board will try to meet an Agreed Board Order. An Agreed Board Order, or an ABO, is a settlement. What this document should do is resolve all the issues of the complaint.

If you accept the ABO, then you must sign it, and there may be some parts of the claim that you admit to. But, if you do not accept the ABO, then there is another step of the process.

After the offer of an ABO, if you reject it, the claim will go forward to a hearing. The hearing will be before an Administrative Law Judge or ALJ. The ALJ will review the claim, and all the findings as well as your statement.

a pharmacist stands alone in a court room hearing to defend his license.
Facing an ALJ alone jeopardizes your livelihood. Contact Eddington & Worley immediately and protect your career with an experienced license defense attorney.

After the ALJ reviews all the material, they will make a decision. The formal document is a Proposal for Decision or PFD. The PFD will then go to the Board for a final decision on the matter.

A lawyer is your best chance to make a compelling case for your license. It is hard enough when your career is on the line to focus on the routine aspects of life. It might seem impossible to handle the stress of the investigation, face the board, and continue with day to day things.

Hiring one of our Houston pharmacist license defense attorneys from the start will help you have a better grip on the whole process. From the first step you will know where you stand and the possible issues in your future.

Possible Actions from the Board of Pharmacy

After their review, the ABO, and possibly an Administrative Law Judge, will take action. Even in cases where there are minimal findings, it’s likely that there will be some action.

The Board can do any of the following:

  • Tracking your work
  • Public rebuke
  • Fines
  • License restrictions
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • License revocation

It is not common for the Board of Pharmacy to revoke a license without a lot of proof of wrongdoing. But there are many times that they will suspend a license with little support to the claim.

Probation is another common action from the Board. Probation can include many terms. More than anything probation will affect your reputation. It can be impossible to keep or find a job after the board puts you on probation.

Stand Up for Your Career – Hire Our Houston Pharmacist License Defense Attorneys

There are so many codes, laws, and regulations that impact the Board of Pharmacy. You do not need to personally have legal expertise if you have an experienced lawyer. Hire a lawyer that has worked on these types of cases before, so you don’t end up paying for a lot of research time. You want someone who already knows the laws and codes that will likely impact your case.

You can take action, and you do have options. Contact Eddington and Worley Houston pharmacy license defense attorneys for help in keeping your license. You can expect to speak with a lawyer experienced in license protection right away. Call Eddington and Worley right away to have someone listen to your side of things.

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