What Are the Most Common Ways to Lose Your Professional License?

Losing your professional license (doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, etc.) means facing one of the worst-case scenarios – being forever banned from doing your job.

There are many ways someone can lose their professional license (we will mention them down below). But, are you really in danger to never work again? Can you do something about your license, or is it all forever lost?

If you are at risk of having your professional license revoked, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who will help you fight to keep your professional license.

Some of the most common reasons for losing your professional license  

No matter what you do (a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, etc.), you have to be ethical and professional. There are many reasons why someone can lose their license, and here are the most common. In most cases, it is because of the following:

Substance abuse

A common reason why a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, teacher, or dentist loses their professional license is because of substance abuse. Working under the influence of illegal substances or even alcohol is a sure way to get reported and face the consequences such as revoke of your license. You are putting the people you work with in danger; you should be aware that substance abuse is a step closer to you staying without your license. 

Sexual misconduct

Another thing that could cost you your license and prison time is sexual misconduct. Having a sexual relationship with students or patients is a sure ground to lose your professional license. This is a serious felony that will be quite challenging, even for your attorney in Houston

Patient abuse

Intentional abuse is a serious reason for the revocation of a professional medical license. Still, there are situations where unintentional abuse occurs, especially if the health care provider was not careful enough to see the patient’s physical limitations.

Insurance fraud

If you are a doctor, you are facing the risk of losing your license if you took part in insurance fraud. Charging your uninsured patients, using false insurance codes, changing medical records are just some of the ways a doctor could do an insurance fraud. 

Unethical behavior 

A person who has a professional license is behaving unethically if they discriminate against their clients by their skin, race, age, ethnicity, or gender. This behavior could lead to the person losing their license (doctors for e.g., are facing disciplinary action if their behavior and malpractice caused severe outcomes in the health of the patient). 

Medication violations

Texas is stringent when it comes to monitoring prescription data through its Prescription Monitoring Program. Doctors who operate a pill mill, engage in patient/doctor shopping for prescriptions. They abuse their power to prescribe medications; it could be subject to an investigation that results in them losing their license.


If you have a prior conviction or you were prosecuted, then you won’t necessarily lose your license. But, the conviction is a violation of a licensing regulation, so losing it is quite probable.  

Hosting a pornographic website

You wonder why someone with a professional license, like a doctor or a pharmacist, would host a pornographic website, but it happens. There is a case from 2009 where a Pennsylvania nurse lost her license because she was hosting a pornographic website. Such behavior will fall under “unprofessional conduct.” Although it may seem funny, people today can easily create their websites and use their webcams to film themselves and earn money from their private videos. But, such behavior can quickly leave you without your license. 

Violating probation

If you have already committed offenses and are on probation, violating it could lead to your license revocation. Your offense could be anything from substance abuse to driving under the influence. Being under probation is your first warning in the hopes you will change your behavior, so you can continue working. But, if your old action continues, and you willfully break the rules, then don’t expect a second chance. You will quickly lose your professional license.  

If you are facing the potential risk of losing your professional license, it is time to get a professional license attorney. He or she will help you prepare your defense and do their best to help you keep your license. 

Losing your license means losing your ability to support yourself and your family. Don’t let this happen to you.

Call our team at Eddington & Worley and let us stand by your side. We will work hard to help you keep your license. 

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