Reasons To Lose Your Dental License in Texas

Once you graduate from dental school and beginning to practice, the last thing you ever want to do is lose your dental license. However, there are cases where dentists are losing their licenses due to making mistakes such as neglect behavior. 

If you are a dentist in the state of Texas, and you want to keep your license, there are several things you should avoid doing.

Several years ago, there was a case where a Houston dentist lost her license after one of her patients, a child, suffered brain damage while being under her care. 

Facing a charge like this means claims against you, formal reviews and reports. Although dentists are aware of the risk that comes from their profession, they sometimes face this risk. It is best to face such charges with an excellent dental license defense attorney in Houston.

Let’s see what could cause you to lose your dental license.

False and Misleading Advertising

People today can easily make their own websites so they can advertise their work. For doctors, having their own website is a must; but if you use your website to present false or misleading advertising, you are putting yourself at risk of losing your license. Avoid using words such as “100% satisfied patients” or “best dental care”; this is risky. You can have one dissatisfied patient who can sue you hand you can lose your dental license. 

Abuse of Substances

Nobody likes the idea to open their mouth and trust their drunken or drugged dentist. Texas Board of Dental Examiners posted cases of license suspension due to these reasons.

Substance abuse is a sure way to make mistakes in your work. Just like any other job, it is not acceptable to do it. If you have alcohol or drug addiction, seek help immediately before you face your suspension. 

Sexual Offense

Sexually abusing a patient will most definitely lead towards losing your license. Cases where the dentist sedated their patient and then sexually harassed them always have their licenses suspended. The investigation will prove whether the dentist is guilty or not, but you must be aware that even allegations made by an employee or a patient can lead to loss of your license.  

Drug Prescription Violations 

Dentists can lose their licenses if they are involved in illegal drug prescriptions. The prescriptions don’t have to be done in their practice; it can be done outside of it, in the dentist’s home, and it can still be a good reason for the loss of the license.

Texas dentists must know that in this state the Prescription Monitoring Program tracks controlled substance prescriptions written throughout the state.

Overbilling or Overtreating Your Patients

We have all heard of ultra-expensive dentist services as well as patients who were treated extendedly because the main reason was profit. 

Overbilling or overtreating the patient can lead to suspension or even loss of the dentist’s license. 


Malpractice is the case when a dentist injured or killed a patient. The reason for the injury or death is negligence. If the negligence act could have been prevented, the patient would have never faced the injuries or lost their life as a result of the careless act.

If you are a dentist, you are at risk of going under review even if one patient files a report against you. Most dentists are familiar with the Dental Practice Act and aware of what leads towards suspension or even license loss. However, not everyone works ethically.

The Dental Practice Act includes arrests and charges for the upper-mentioned acts. 

You can go through a period of probation or suspension, but this is a better outcome. The bigger issue that should concern every dentist is that the report could revoke their license.

This is why it is very important for you to have a good dental license attorney (even if you don’t face such reports, potential suspensions, or even loss of the license). 

If you are facing criminal charges, your attorney will prepare your defense and advise you on the next steps in the legal process. With a good lawyer, you can prove that the incident was a one-time occurrence, and other than that, your work is spotless.

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