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What is the Difference Between Manslaughter and Murder in Houston, Texas?

December 14, 2019
murder charge defense lawyer with client

If you’ve been charged with either murder or manslaughter in Houston, Texas, you’re clearly in some trouble. Regardless of which crime you’re charged with, a conviction will mean several years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. A conviction for any homicide in Houston is going to seriously impact your life. That’s why it’s…

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Burned Remains Identified as Missing San Antonio 20-year-old

December 8, 2019
fire breaks out in house

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio family has appealed for a killer to come forward after a missing young woman was found burned beyond recognition Tuesday.  Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said on Friday that the burning human remains found in Atascosa belonged to 20-year-old Meagan Elizabeth Gonzales. Salazar said Gonzales had been reported missing…

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Can I Be Charged with DWI in Houston if I’m Caught with Drugs on Me?

December 2, 2019
can i be charged with dwi in houston if i’m caught with drugs on me?

One of the first things the police in Houston do when they pull a driver over is check to see if they appear impaired. This means they check to see if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A lot of people think that the cops can only test you for alcohol. And, in…

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Man accused of robbing 12-year-old in Northeast Austin

November 29, 2019
picture of a person trying to rob someone

AUSTIN — Police have arrested a man who is accused of robbing a 12-year-old boy who was standing at a bus stop in northeast Austin. Officers say the robbery occurred on October 22 around 1:54 p.m. at the intersection of Tartan Lane and Teasdale Terrace. The intersection is near the Windsor Hill community. The boy…

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Does a DWI Conviction in Texas Affect Your Chances of Getting into College?

November 24, 2019
can a dwi conviction in texas affect my chances of getting into college?

Applying for college can be the most exciting and most stressful time in a young person’s life. In fact, even for adults who decide to go back to school, it can be quite daunting. It’s hard enough for any student to get into a good college. Imagine how much harder it can be for someone…

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Felon Sentenced for Trafficking Narcotics in East Texas

November 20, 2019
person caught with trafficking narcotics in east texas

EAST TEXAS – A Chicago, Illinois man has been sentenced to time in federal prison for trafficking narcotics in the East District of Texas. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said 44-year-old James L. Morgan was convicted on April 26, 2019 of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and being a felon in possession of a firearm.…

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How Can Texas House Bill 3016 Help People with a DWI Conviction?

November 14, 2019
how can texas house bill 3016 help people convicted of dwi?

For many years, people who were convicted of DWI in Texas had no way to get their charges and convictions expunged. If you were convicted of DWI, it would haunt you forever. It didn’t matter if it was your first and only criminal offense. If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated, it would stay…

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Police Arrest Teen Following Armed Robbery of Classmate

November 8, 2019
picture of an armed robbery

AUSTIN — Police arrest a teen following an armed robbery of a classmate. The unnamed victim told police he was at a four-way intersection on October 24, when a white Mercedes turned in front of him and began driving slowly. He said he drove around the vehicle, but it followed him for a few blocks…

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If You’re Convicted of a Crime in Houston,You Could Lose Your Professional License

November 2, 2019
could i lose my professional license? | defense lawyer houston

For most people, getting charged with a crime means possible jail time and fines. For others, however, it means a lot more than that. Certain professions require their members to carry a license to practice. For example, a lawyer cannot practice without their law license. A commercial truck driver can’t drive without their CDL. When…

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Lockhart resource officer arrested, accused of stealing drugs from school

October 29, 2019
lockhart resource officer arrested, accused of stealing drugs from school

LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — A resource officer was arrested by the police, after being accused of stealing drugs from school. Chad Corbitt, 47, previously served as the school resource officer at Lockhart Junior High School. According to a press release from police, Corbitt stole a controlled substance from the school clinic. Investigators said the theft…

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