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A Texas man is facing two first-degree felony charges after allegedly using a gun in a robbery attempt and then kidnapping a woman and stealing her vehicle.

Pressli Antonio Quiroz-Fiallos is accused of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $2 million for both charges.

Police say the victim spotted Quiroz-Fiallos walking through the parking lot of her Elmont Drive home on January 7. She was sitting in her black Kia Sportage talking on the phone.

After the woman ended her call and opened the door to get out, she saw Quiroz-Fiallos pointing a gun at her. He stopped her from exiting the car and demanded money. Police say the victim said she didn’t have any money but she offered Quiroz-Fiallos food instead. However, he declined.

He then asked the woman to kiss him before kissing her on the lips and touching her inappropriately. Quiroz-Fiallos reportedly demanded that the woman sit in the passenger seat and then started the vehicle.

According to the arrest warrant, when Quiroz-Fiallos stopped in a parking lot on Wickersham Drive, the woman was able to get out and run away. Quiroz-Fiallos drove off.

Meanwhile, a commercial license plate scanner spotted the vehicle on January 9 near the intersection of Ruiz Street and Zamorra Street in San Antonio. The car was later found near Ruiz Street and police watched a man matching Quiroz-Fiallos’ description driving it.

San Antonio police pulled over the vehicle and arrested the man for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Quiroz-Fiallos initially said he got the car from a friend before admitting that he took it himself.

He told police he took the vehicle for himself and his girlfriend drove to San Antonio to play soccer.

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