Man Arrested Following Northeast Austin Barbershop Stabbing

Police have arrested a man suspected of stabbing one person in the neck and another in the arm at a barbershop on March 6. He is 27-year-old Bryan Anthony Turner.

Officers received a report at 4:38 p.m. about an incident at 1420 West Wells Branch Parkway close to its intersection with Interstate Highway 35.

The affidavit said the suspect was seen standing outside the barbershop and one of the workers went to inquire about what he wanted. Turner reportedly told the woman his family needed help. The woman became suspicious and went inside while another worker came out.

A few minutes later, the woman pretended there was a phone call to get her colleague back inside. Documents show Turner also went into the building. He made as if he was going to shake the woman’s hand but he hit her in the face instead.

An altercation broke out and the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed one worker in the neck. A third worker who tried to help received a cut on his arm.

According to police, Turner fled from the business with the knife, but he threw it to the ground before he was detained.

The worker who was stabbed in the neck told officers he remembered Turner from about a year ago when he would get aggressive with employees. 

He said when he saw Turner slap his co-worker, he pushed him over and they started fighting. The worker said when he got stabbed, he began applying pressure to the wound while his colleague stepped in.

That colleague said he lost his balance, fell and passed out when Turner came at him with the knife. When he regained consciousness, he had knife wounds on his arm.

Turner is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and he was booked into the Travis County Jail.

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