Errol Spence Jr. Charged With DWI

Errol Spence Jr., the professional boxer, was lucky enough to come out alive after he crashed his car but Errol Spence Jr. was charged with DWI. The twenty-nine-year-old Desoto native was rescued from the crash scene and was immediately taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The doctors took him to ICU even though he did not have fractures or head trauma.

On Wednesday, Spence Jr. was released from the hospital, but there is one thing he won’t be released from – DWI charges that were filed by the Dallas Police Department.

Except for driving while intoxicated, Errol Spence Jr. has no other charges and is a first time offender. That will be his bonus card for avoiding prison time.

During the accident, Spence Jr. was driving above the speed limit and was not wearing the seat belt. However, it turned out that not wearing the seat belt practically saved his life.

The boxer’s car rolled over the road median several times before it was completely crashed. The police ejected him out of his Ferrari.  During the saving process, the police did not check for possible smell of alcohol, although the charges that were pressed against him, show that he was driving under the influence. Blood alcohol tests showed that he had below 0.15%, which was enough for him to stay out of jail.

His penalties will include suspension of his driver’s license (from ninety days to one year) and $2000 fees.

Luckily, there were no other vehicles involved in the crash, which helps the case of the boxer; he will not have additional charges against him.

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