How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston Help Me?

The United States Constitution grants the right to an attorney to anyone charged with a crime. While accused people also have the right to represent themselves in court, most would be better off hiring a Houston criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense lawyer in Houston plays a vital role. They are involved in everything from conducting research to filling out paperwork and arguing cases in court. Their sole focus is defending their client against the criminal charge which has been laid against them.

People who represent themselves often the lack the extensive know-how which an experienced attorney has. They also bring a lot of emotion to the case since their freedom and livelihood may be at stake. Attorneys know how to take a rational approach to their cases. They work with the client to develop a strategy based on the details of the case. In some instances, they may advise the client to plead guilty. In others, they will advise them to go to trial. If the client is convicted, the lawyer will seek to get the sentence reduced. If the case was built based on an illegal search or procedural error, they will seek to get it thrown out.

Things a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Assist With

If you’ve been charged with an offense which could result in heavy fines or prison time, you need an experienced attorney. They will examine your case thoroughly and identify the laws and precedents which could sway things in your favor. They will know exactly how to present your case in court. Let’s look at some specific ways in which Houston criminal defense attorneys can help.

They Will Gather Evidence and Witness Statements

If you try to get eyewitnesses to talk to you, you may not be very successful. People are generally uncomfortable answering questions from someone accused of committing a crime. The more serious the crime, the less likely it is you can do this work on your own. Witnesses may feel more comfortable talking to an attorney or a hired investigator. Evidence is key to criminal cases. You want to make sure you have all the details which could help to clear your name.

They Will Explain the Consequences of a Conviction or Guilty Plea

Some people agree to plead guilty in order to end the case quickly or get a shorter sentence. They don’t consider how a criminal conviction will continue to impact them long after they leave prison. However, lawyers know how hard it can be for ex-convicts to find jobs and housing and regain their reputation. Reintegrating into society is often hard and attorneys will make this abundantly clear.

They Will Explain Courtroom Procedures

Many people make assumptions about trials based on what they see on TV. However, attorneys know the real ins and out of their particular jurisdiction. They know how evidence should be introduced and how witnesses should be questioned. They will also prepare you if you will be required to testify.

They Bring an In-Depth, Updated Knowledge of the Law

Most people have limited knowledge of the law. They may not know the laws surrounding the offense they’ve been charged with. They also may not know if the police obtained the evidence legally or if their arrest was by the book. That’s where lawyers come in. It’s their job to stay up to date with the law and what is happening in courtrooms across the state. They will review the evidence, listen to your account and determine if anything unlawful took place.

They Can Negotiate a Plea Bargain

Prosecutors are unlikely to try to negotiate with you if you represent yourself. However, if they are facing off against a competent attorney, they may be willing to make a deal. Plea bargains can result in a reduction in prison time or the dismissal of some or all of your charges.

They Can Work Out a Sentencing Program

Depending on the crime which you committed, your attorney may be able to get your jail time reduced. If you’re facing drug charges, they can succeed in having you serve only part of your sentence in prison. You could spend the rest of the time in a rehab facility.

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Only you can decide whether you will hire a criminal lawyer. However, doing so gives you the best chance of getting a positive outcome. Even attorneys who are accused of crimes know better than to represent themselves and this is instructive. You need to hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston you can find to help you fight the charges. If you’re ready to do this, reach out to Eddington & Worley today for a free consultation. We take an objective look at your case and give you sound legal advice.

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